Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a large, whole leaf tea, which has been oxidized/fermented somewhere between a black and green tea.

The fermentation process varies depending upon which of the two regions they are grown, harvested and processed in. Generally, there are two growing regions for oolong teas; China and Formosa (formally known as Taiwan). China oolongs are fermented 20%, where Formosa oolongs are fermented 60%.

After harvesting, oolong tea leaves are withered on racks, then placed in baskets where a shaking process bruises the leaves and ruptures the interior cell wall, exposing enzymes in the leaf to oxygen. The leaves are then oxidized/fermented in small heaps for a determined and precise amount of time. In their final stage, these processed leaves are pan fired until all internal moisture is removed and the rich oolong flavor is sealed in, giving these teas there renowned character and complexity.

 BREWING: Heat water to a rolling boil. Use 1 heaping tsp. tea per 8 oz. cup. Infuse 5-7 minutes. Larger leaf teas require longer infusion time. Many oolongs can be reinfused up to 3 times.

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